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The Heal classroom space offers a time and a place in which to practice, learn or offer healing, athletic or artistic ventures which further and support creativity, happiness, positivity, openness, respect, personal growth and learning.

We are a collaborative space with an interest in supporting each other and our community. Our community-centered approach means we do everything we can to keep things accessible, simple, personal and friendly, including offering changing table and potties in the bathrooms and when needed, flexible arrive/departure times for classes.

In addition to the ongoing classes and workshops we offer that are all open to the public, Heal space is available for rent at reasonable rates: $20/per hour for one-off workshops and group classes and meetings & $8-$20/hr for ongoing weekly classes, 1:1 training and practice time that align with these values.

Listing on our website, with links to your registration is included.

Please connect with Emily Graves for more on rate and terms for classroom use.


You are valued here.

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