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M.A., L.M.T. #6901

Dynamic Creator, Joyful Teacher, Visionary Healer, Movement-maker, Story-shifter, Sacred Witness, Empathetic Scribe

Thai Massage, Thai Therapies, Herbal Medicine, Conscious Consult, Energy work, Muay Thai Boxing, Coaching, Women’s Conscious Core & Health, Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage, Postpartum Massage and Education

I am a writer, musician, dancer, passionate Muay Thai boxer and educated and gifted healer. I was born with the ability to intuit, see and name the story being played out in almost any situation—and the inherit ability to reframe that situation so positive growth and hope can rise from new understandings. My brain takes in the seemingly disparate details that show up in your body, mental, emotional or life patterns, spots the metaphors at play, and using both my intuition and vast knowledge base, quickly synthesizes the information to work with you in developing powerful new possibilities. Whether we are engaging in Thai Massage, Thai Therapies, Energetic work, Card Readings, Herbal and Nutritional consults or one on one instruction in Reiki, Thai Massage, Conscious Core, Muay Thai or Health and Life Coaching, I bring the same presence and focused determination to helping your body and mind break old, unhelpful or painful patterns and instead try on powerful new possibilities so you can freely shift into more supportive and joyful ways of expressing and being in the world.

Office: 505-926-1175 / Business cell: 651-724-1932

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