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Lynne McMahan



Compassionate Mentor, Creative Thought Partner, Facilitative Teacher, Reiki Master and Teacher, Animal Communicator, Community Builder 


Mentoring for mind-body-spirit healing and harmony, meeting the needs of each person or animal on their journey of transformation.

My life-time has been perfect preparation and practice for this amazing Reiki and transformation work. I started out early in life on my teacher path and along the way discovered my healing and mentoring gifts. My life has been filled with family and friends of the human and animal kind and I have had the privilege to experience healing from them through their love and devotion. In turn, my life of service honors their love. I practice daily at staying in relationship with Divine Energy through journaling, meditation and service to others—one of the biggest examples of this is through sharing the Reiki energy. 


After decades as a classroom teacher, school administrator, professor and consultant, I established En-Light-En Reiki in 2014. I continue to work as a professor and education consultant while building my Reiki practice and they blend beautifully. I bring in my training and many years of experience in mentoring, coaching and leadership training, inclusive community building practices, guiding spiritual directions, as well as several academic degrees and career experiences that support understanding for clients. For fun and balance I walk daily a few times per day (now that my partner and I have our Bodhi, our active puppy Zen master!). I also bike, hike, qigong, yoga, journal and have been a writer for various magazines and newsletters! All of these satisfy my well-being, wholeness, presence and energetic stamina!


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